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All Links

3 Ball Kennels of Alabama
480 Kennels
Airborne Kennels- GAME since 1986, heavy GR CH Buck (ROM) Bolio/Malony/Eli lines. Dogs from CH's for sale.
Alamo Kennels - GAME American pitbull terriers. Breed for game and temperament.
Arizona Red Rock - Hemphill/Wilder lines dual reg. 'PR'
Allen's Pitbulls - Wilder/Hemphill, red nose, Red Devil bloodlines. CH Gator
Aztlan Pitbulls
Absolute Kennels
All-Heart Pits
Arch Angel Kennels
Alaqua Pits
Acosta's Pits
A Town Pits in TX
Archview Kennels in St. Louis, MO
Andrade's Blues In TX
Allen's Pit Stop Kennel
Anchor Chain Kennels
Aces High Kennel

Angel Kennels


Bad Weather Kennels -CONFORMATION 'PR' dogs GR CH Astorms comin' an amstaff/pit?
BCW Kennels - GAME Solid Colby bloodlines and others pups avail.
Black-N-Mild Kennels -CIGARS just kidding, CONFORMATION blues avail.
Bon Temps Kennels- CONFORMATION out of Mississippi DNA-P, 'PR' breed for temperament.
Boot Kamp Kennels - loads slow, products links
Brickhouse Kennels - GAME CH Benny Blanca, crenshaw blood Jeep & midnight cowboy bloodline.
Buenos Aires Kennels - CONFORMATION UKC/ADBA DNA-P CH Flash of Vegas DNA-P.
BYTE KENNELS - GAME CH Blue, Eli Carver, Bullyson blood
Back issues of Pit Bull Reporter
Breed Specific Legislation Info and Updates
Bull and Terrier - RESOURCE SITE info on pitbulls, some links, lots of pictures
Blue Stars Kennels
Bradburn's American Pitbull Terriers
Blue Star Kennels - In California
Buffalo Soldier's Thunder Dome
Big Tex Pitbulls
Blockhead Bulldogs
BlackOut Kennels
Blue American Pit Bull Terriers -Club on Yahoo
Bruno's Pit  
Baby D's Backyard 
Blue Majestic Kennels of Detroit 
Buttar-Up Kennels in Idaho
Brew City APBT Club 
Beauchamp's Blue Kennels 
Big Blue Acres in TX
-(All FREE) free animal related classifieds, breeders listing directory, stud services listing
Bedrock City Kennels
BGK Heavyweights in Ontario, Canada
Blue Diamond Kennels in TX
Bruce's Terriers

Bow Wow Pits
Blackmail Kennels
Blue Print Kennels in CA
Blue King Kennels

Blue Thunder Kennel in PA
BulldogVKennels in SC
Black Dragon Kennels

Be R American Pit bulls
Blue Ice Kennels
Bootleg Kennels in IL
BlueStone Kennels
Blue Star Kennels
Big D Pitbulls of Texas
Blue Nation Kennels
Big Daddy's Pits in TX
Bobers APBT's

CALI PITS CONFORMATION CH Sampson, CH Wild Rose, CH De Ja Vu, heavy GR CH Dynamite red rock, and GR CH Castillo's Misty Konna Gold, many breeders have great dogs with Cali pits in there blood line. Dogs are 'PR' UKC reg. About 85-95 lbs+!

Capital City Combine- GAME Junior 1XW @stud, CH Crunch dogs out of GR CH MAYDAY (ROM)
Carl Mim's Kennels- GAME the one and only CARL MIMS. Produced GR CH Gabe (5XW) Black Dog (5XW) Red boy dogs.
Catch Dog Enterprises - GAME CH Six gun. Bruno/Heinzl blood, Bullyson, Eli Jr. blood

Cedarbrook Kennels - GAME Patrick/Maloney, Jeep/Redboy Jacko blood A lot of studs nice page. Hollingsworth CH Pinky. Some nice wilder/hemphill/sarona blood.
Chaos Kennels -CONFORMATION Blue Pits
Ciuros' Bulldogs & Custom Built Treadmills - GAME untouchable's CH Lefty (4XW), Triton 1XW swivels & breaking sticks for sale.
The Colby Family Kennel - The oldest pitbull kennel in the USA.   
Competition Kennels - one of my favorite sites, GAME home of CH Romell (ROM)
Con's Pitbulls - GAME Con's Able is 11X Gardner's chinaman (ROM). Pitbull merchandise also.
Corbin's Kennels - GAME 68 lb. stud avail. with heavy Gardner blood
Crimson Kennels- CONFORMATION UKC purple ribbon dogs rednose med/large size @85lbs.
Cuban Kennels HomePage - GAME out of chi-town :)
Coal Field Kennels GAME pitbulls in WA
Coastal Connection
Corpus Christi Kennels
Campbells Pride Kennels
Cosgroves Gamedogs  
Cuz & Cuban Cowboy Kennel 
Council Rock Kennels
Catch Wreck Kennels
Camp 8 Kennels

Charmant & Charmant Kennels, Inc.
Carolina Game Dogs
Conan Kennels
Clark's Choice Catchdogs
Cold Steel Pits
Cold Steel Kennels
Choice Kennels
Choctaw Kennels
Captain Crunch Kennels
C.D. Pits - in OK

Davis Creek Kennels -GAME iron head, bullyson lines.
Deathrow Kennels -GAME stud service avail 2 pictures under construction.
Devil's Own Kennels -GAME look at the dog Cherokee - pits come in all shapes and sizes.
Diamond C. Kennels -GAME Pretty Poison 2xw, and others CH Alligator
DogWood Kennels links Much's bloodlines, Adults for sale. GAME?
Deadgame's APBT Page -GAME CH Blackie, CH Samantha, others.
DeBow's American Pit Bull Terriers
Dino's Place -GAME? Photo page, links all dogs were stolen recently....bastards! :(
DOMINATION Kennels- ADBA CONF./ PULL.  Pull tracts for sale.
DragonFire Kennels - GAME pups & adults for sale, ironhead (4XW) pups out of GR CH Lukane, 6X GR CH Buck (ROM) female.
DSC Kennels - GAME gator boy blood
Dynomite Kennels- ADBA CONFORMATION pitbulls also eastern registered 
Dalinkwent Kennels
Dragonline Kennels  
Deathgrip Kennels in NY
Devotional Kennels

Dakota Pit Bull Terriers
DirtySouth Kennels
Diablo Kennel
Dominion's Pit Bulls
Down South Kennels in FL
D & J Pits in AZ
Deuce's Blue Pits in PA
Draw the Line Kennels in East TX

'PR' pups for sale should range 85-95+ pounds click here for more info!!!

Eastern Block GAME Philippines
Ed's Bulldogs, Inc - GAME dogs from CH Chinaman ROM/Frisco ROM with some
GR CH Spike also
Evolution Kennels - GAME Puerto Rico, Ecuador blood, GR CH Mayday (ROM) blood, GR CH Gabriel
Extreme Kennels -GAME stud out of S.T.P.'s CH Black Pazmanian.
Eyetrap Kennels - GAME Gardner's Frisco (ROM) blood
Eastside Kennels in TX
Eastwick Kennels

Evan's Pits
EZ Pitbulls

Finkle Winkle Kennels GAME No studs available to public, Joop (2xw) Tombstone (ROM)
Freak Girls Kennels
Flatline Kennels
First Step Kennel
Ferocious Kennels
Fitzgeralds APBTs

Forbidden Forest Kennels
Florida Sunshine Kennels
Forever True Kennels
Final Justice APBT's

Gator Boy Kennels NYC - GAME Have to wait for java to load
GM Kennels from Russia GAME Eli blood in Russia
Gonseth Pitbulls
Glancys Kennels
GMJ Fine Line Kennels  
Grizzly Land Kennels
GameStyle - The greatest breed on earth, The Game American Pit Bull Terrier
Gas House Pits
Game Point Kennels
Galaxy Kennels
Garcia Valley Pits
Game Enough Kennels
Greyline Kennels
Gothic Kennels - in SC

Hard Hitting Kennels GAME Game bred American Pitbull Terrier Bolio ROM, Chinaman ROM & Carver Bloodlines
Hidden Hollow Kennels Home GAME HHK'S Murry (1XW), CH Chinaman (ROM), CH Cowboy blood.
Homer Odyssey  GAME line breed MT. man, line based on harringer"s spider bitem
Hot as Hades Pit Bulls - CONFORMATION Huge 95+ pound UKC 'PR' male avail for stud, pups coming soon from CH And GR CH lines
Hurricane Kennels Dog collars, vitamins, supplements from Sweden, training gear
High Output Kennels
Houston's Pit bulls & Accessories
Hot Shot Kennel
Hites APBT CH/Ace Blackie, Panther, CH Cobra, GR CH Zebo
High Rollers Kennel
Houston's Local Pitbulls
Hard Dawg Kennels
Howard's Working A.P.B.T.S. 
Hammerhead Kennels
High Performance Reds
Hog Dog Kennels
Hills Pitbull Terriers
Hill's Blue American Pitbull Terriers
HeyHay Kennels
Hill's Home Page
Heard's Homegrown Pit Farm
Heavenly Pits

Impact Kennels GAME In Indiana
Inner City Combine GAME Milbuster out of CH Homie 
Ivie League Kennel CONFORMATION 'PR' dogs blues, blacks 60-70lbs CH Mytymora
Imperial Kennels 
Irish Doc's Kennel
Isla Pit Bulls in TX
Iceburg Pits

Judge Roy Bean - GAME old Sarona, GR CH Art, pistol, hemphill, clouse tight inbreed off the Judge Roy Bean line.
Jovan's King Pit Clan
JimBob's Kennels
J Bone's Pure Pits
Jette's Place
J.K. Deal Kennels
Johnston Kennels of Kentucky

Kanno Kennels -CONFORMATION Blocky heads, some blues UKC 
Kershner's Dogtown - GAME breeding integrity that has been passed from Earl Tudor to Don Mayfield, to Rod Kershner
Krazyside Kennels - GAME Eli, Outlaw blood, CH Hawk, Chainsaw (2X), I've received some emails saying these dogs kick ass, very game coming out of CH Nino (4X).
K&N Kennels
King of the Ring Kennels - UKC some 'PR' dogs in pedigree.
Kramer's California Kennels 
Kozmo's Page A home page
Kracker Kennels in FL
Kee Wa Ho Kennels in KS
Korio Kennels in FL
Kelly's Pitbull Connections
Kachina Kennel in VA
Kerebus K-9 Inc. Breeder and Trainer

La Cosa Nostra Kennels - GAME Red boy, Jocko, Honey bunch, Jeep, turtlebuster blood
Lar-San Kennels - CONFORMATION takes 2 long to get to dogs, UKC GR CH blood.
Lenwood's Kennels BULLDOGS American bulldogs, Big Johnson's bloodline, big ass dogs!
Lawson's Pitstop 
Lackey's Pitbull Dogs
Luna Kennels
Lextown Pits - In KY
Lockjaw Kennels in GA
Legion Pits

Moreno Bloodline Pitbulls - CATCH DOGS/PROTECTION Hemphill/Tufftown bloodlines large size dogs (80lbs+)
M & M Kennels - GAME products, 2 females from CH and GR CH lines
M M & M Kennels - GAME Dogs breed from Manson's Smiley (ROM), Smiley (ROM), CH Jeep (ROM) blood nice page.
Majestic Kennels - CONFORMATION The best design page I've seen, DNA-VIP dogs, only one female, but males from GR CH Lines, Castillo's line and others.
Midnite-Sun Kennel (S.A.) - GAME nice pit, nutritional info. A lot of good info, no dogs.
Madd Latin Kennels - UKC/ADBA, Blue pits, CH Lines.


Millbuster Kennels - GAME Spike, from Vietnam, (4X CH Spike) CH Danascus
Mykron Kennels - GAME CH Jeep, CH Pistol Pete blood
M & T Pits
Master Blen Kennels
MoreFire Kennels
MVP Kennels
Marcec Kennels
Montgomery's Guardian XL Pits
Massie's Kennels  
Mid Michigan McCoy Connection  
Mealers Blue Bulldog Farm - located in Texas
Maximaray Kennel 
Mystical Pit Kennels
MO's Blue Pit Bulls
Major League Pitbulls located in Dallas, TX
Murphy's Law Kennel
Mikeland Kennels
Moore's Family Kennel in IL
Mass Kennels
Mammoth Kennel
Murphy's Pits
Mad Dawg Kennels in S. Georgia
Mercede's Website
Maverick's Kennels
Mckenna Kennels

Newman Leather & Nylon Pit Bull Products - products, colors
Nuf-Ced Kennels 
North Coast Pits In CA
Nino's Pits In TX
Nubian Kennels Specializing Blues and Merles
N2Deep Kennels
Naughty Dawg-Impale the Nation Kennels
NBC Kennels
Notorious Blue Kennels in Massachusetts Specializing in Blue American Pitbull Terriers.
NJ Gamedogs This Forum is for NJ, DE, PA, and NY.

Our Gang Kennels - CONFORMATION since 1972 CH, GR CH bloodlines, black/white dogs.
Otwell Kennels - GAME some of the best Eli-Bullyson blood in the world, along with Jeep, boudreaux and various others.
Oklahoma Outlaw Kennels - Home of '92, '97, '99, & 2000 ADBA Nationals winners
Ozzmosis Kennels  
Openhouse Kennels
ODonovans Bulldogs
Opal Kennel - Located in N. Nevada
Olvera's Kennel of Texas
Ozuna Pitbull Kennel
Off the Chain Kennel

'PR' pups for sale should range 85-95+ pounds click here for more info!!!

PBA Kennels - GAME ice is 5X's Dalton's Mid Evil which makes him 10X's Wilder's (Wood's) Inferno.
Pat Patrick Kennels - GAME studs avail. Maloney blood, Patrick blood 30 yrs in pit game.
Pit Farm Kennels
Power House Kennels - CONFORMATION UKC CH and GR CH Bloodlines 
Play Kennel
Platinum Kennels
Pit Bull Racin Kennels
Platinum Puppies  Blue Pits.  Nice Site.
Perea Kennels
Pits of PA
Pyramid Kennels  
Pit Piper Kennels  
Pits in Paradise  located in Texas
Project Pit Bull
Protege Kennels in NC
Pitts Kennels in OK - Home of Ruffneck Kennels and Diamond and Dogs Jewelry
Pflug Clan Kennel
Pams Pits
Paul's Pits
Pits of the Century
Pull Power Pits
Premier Kennels
Pulln' Pits Kennels
Powerline Kennels
Pit Stop of North Carolina
Pit Stop Kennel in TX
Pitbull Site
Patriot Kennels
Pitrage Kennels
Pure Energy Kennel

Razor Nick's Amstaffs/pits - AKC & UKC registered pitbulls and Amstaffs, specializing in blues.
R'em Kennels - GAME CH Sammy girl, and CH Taylor
Red Oak Kennels - GAME 3 Studs with solid 100% Patrick, Boyles, Carver foundations.
Red Jaws Kennels GAME Under construction, some photos
River City Combine -GAME Bolio/Eli/Alligator blood
Ro-Ki Reds - CONFORMATION? Rednose, chocolate, red pitbulls
Rollbar Kennels - GAME PRODUCTS/SERVICES peak cond. Products, pedigrees
Rolling Deep Combine - GAME adult for sale steven's blood.
Raw Dawgs Kennels
Redcoat Kennels - Nice Red/Rednose American Pit Bull Terriers
Royal Blue Kennels
Rampage Kennels
Robinson's Pitbulls  
Riptide Kennel  
Raindance APBT's  located in WA
Rollin "X" Kennels  
Real Solution Kennels
Roses Mighty Pitbulls
Red Dragon Kennels
Raw Dawg Kennelz
Riojas Kennels
Razor Sharp Kennels of Georgia
RedFace Kennels in AZ
Red Hill Kennels in NY
Ruthless Kennels
Roll & Hold Kennels
Rock Solid Pits

Schaeffer Kennels - GAME Bolio dogs (CH Tonka, CH Boozer) blood
Scratch to Win Kennels - GAME treadmills, pups Gadner,/Hammond/tant's blood
Scratch22 Kennels GAME Mt Man's CH Homer bloodline Snooty, Alligator and Bolio dogs shown in ADBA conformation also page has Links & FAQ on pitbulls
Short Fuse Bulldogs - GAME info on conditioning care no dogs?

Showtyme Kennels - CONFORMATION UKC/ADBA some 'PR' Nice pits black brindles, red-nose CH GR CH lines
Southern Style Bulldogs - GAME tight bred on Mtn. Man's CH Homer ROM since 1979.
Southern Kennels - one of my favorite dogs here, GAME! home of GR CH Mayday (ROM).
Stieber's Game Pits - GAME wildside's blood
Straight Edge Kennels - under const. Pedigrees avail. Pulling dogs?
Standingbrave Kennelz 
Suttles' Pitbulls 
Stronger Than All Pits 
Simpson's Pits 
Scottish Bullterrier Foundation 
Showstyle Kennels
Sheer Texas Pitz

Silva Kennels
Superior Kennels
Styk & Move Kennels
Sunrise Kennels UKC American Pit Bull Terriers.  In Portland, OR
Southern Bell Kennels

Silver Streak Kennels
Sin City Pit Bulls in Las Vegas
Solid Rock Kennels

Seek & Destroy Kennel
Southtown Pits
Shut'm Down Kennels in Jersey
Santos Red Kennels

Sherman Pits
Smalltown Pits

Tatonka Kennels - GAME Sorrells blood and more, over 40 combined years in the pit game, several pictures.
Tanks Home Page - GAME/CONFORMATION CROSS Nice thick dog with nice tufftown cross with nice game blood including Hollingsworths Bull and GR CH Buck (ROM)
Tritondowg Kennels - GAME in New Mexico, Bolio and chinaman /Eli and some loposay and troll ROM dogs
Thun-der Bolt Kennels - GAME links
Tibbett's Competition Kennels - AMERICAN BULLDOGS for pulling
Texas Pride Kennels
Texas Pitbull Kennels
TooShort Kennels
Teocalli Pittz
Total Velocity Kennels
TandL Kennels
Triron Kennels
Thor's Pit Bull Rescue of Dallas 
Total Package Pits 
Townsend's Nigerino Dogs 
The REAL Pit Bull
True Kennels in GA
Texas Hard Hitters Kennels

Texas Hardest Pits
Toney's Mountain Top Kennel
Temptation Kennels in PA
Triple J Bulldogs

Trents Kennel
Texas River Bottom Kennels

Untouchabull Pits

V + C Bulldogs 
Vegas Kennels CONFORMATION 'PR' SRAD (75lbs) 22" and Big Budha (85lbs) 22" and more red-red nose.
Vice-Grip Kennels - GAME Cali Jacks page, home of Poncho throwing 87% game other studs at stud, frozen semen avail. Pups avail.
Vietnam Kennels - GAME
Vain Pits

Woo's Kennels - GAME redboy/jocko, rascal, mayfield, indian bolio, and jeep GR CH mayday blood
White Star Kennel - CONFORMATION Am staffs
Whiz Bang Kennels - CONFORMATION UKC purple ribbon pits. CH and GR CH lines some Lar-San blood.
Wildside Kennels - GAME CH Cowboy, 21 bitches about 10 studs.
Wilrox Kennels Pit Bulls - Adult males for sale, Lar-San Ishikawa, Sarona outcrosses w/some Eli, Dakota Chief, Sarona squeeze.
Whyte-ark Kennels - GAME "CH Alligator" "Rufus ROM", "Tonka" / "Red Baron" Carver, Crenshaw blood here.
Wildheart's APBT's
Work It Boy Kennels
Wreck Havoc Kennels
Wolverine Kennels
Wiseman Kennels
Western Pits
Wittmeyers Pits
Williams Family Pit bulls in TX
Wicked Pits

Warlock Kennels
Walton County Pitbulls
Warlock Kennels in NJ
Watson Kennels

Wines Rainy City Kennels

Yagyas Kennel
York Kennels in VA


Want more? Try these four, if you don't find it on my page or these 3 it doesn't exist!!!